Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many helicopters do you have?
A: We have several helicopters each designed for a specific function and camera type. Smaller helicopters are for smaller cameras, and larger cameras for larger helicopter. Depending on what helicopter is needed based on clients requirements also determines cost. Not all helicopters or multicopters are shown on this website.

Q: Do you also fly full sized manned helicopter for aerial photography and video?
A: No, we specialize in remote aerial cinematography and photography only

Q. Do you offer in house video and photo editing?
A. Yes to both. For customers who want a complete aerial video package from A- to Z we can handle that as well.

Q: How high can the remote helicopter fly?
A: For safety reasons we fly at a max altitude of about 500 feet and a max horizontal distance of about 750 feet. If a chase vehicle is used this distance can be greatly increased to thousands of feet.

Q: What kind of cameras do you use? How much can the helicopter lift?
A: See "equipment" listed on the home page.

Q: What if the weather is bad the day of my shoot?
A: We will be glad to reschedule your shoot for another day at no charge.

Q: Is the remote helicopter gas or battery powered?
A: Clean, Quiet, Electric power. 5-12 min flights, 2 min to swap batteries and fly again.

Q. Can the camera tilt, roll and pan on the helicopter camera ship?
A. We have several helicopters for different applications. All Tilt, All Roll some Pan.

Q. Is the camera system smooth filming?
A. Yes films smooth with no vibrations but depending on the weather there may be some shake in the video footage which HAS to go thru stabilisation in Post Production Processing.

Q: Can you fly indoors?
A: Yes we can fly indoors provided there is enough room for safe operation.

Q: Can you operate at night?
A: We can operate safely from dawn till dusk with night ability coming soon.

Q: How close can you fly to subjects?
A: We can operate safely about 10-15 feet of an actor or subject in optimum location and wind conditions. (4.5 meters)