Remote Control Aerial Cinematography

Are you a Director or Producer working on a Feature Film, Television Series, Documentary, Music Video, Commercial or other type of Video Production? If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. Simply put we can fly where no one else can... and when no one else can... for example we can take off on five minutes notice if needed. Our specially designed remote robot helicopter camera system can also fly through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. We can operate in places where a real helicopter cannot access safely. Helicam India can also fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for a full size aircraft. Our system is also excellent for chase shots. We shoot from a full frame Canon 5D Mkii or Mkiii Pro Digital camera. We could also shoot from a Canon 550D, Canon 600D, GoPro HD, Panasonic AGAF100, Sony Alpha Series NEX5 and NEX7, Black Magic Cinema Camera. We could also shoot from a Red Epic camera if given enough time for testing.